Profit Superhighway

Sell Dippin' Dots at your store!

Jump on the profit superhighway by partnering with the 30+ year legacy and consistency of Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream. Increase your sales, profits, and traffic by adding Dippin’ Dots to your location. We provide the equipment, signage, and service. You purchase pre-packaged Dippin’ Dots at wholesale from us and retail them to your customers. We make deliveries easy by handling and stocking all product for you.  Dippin’ Dots are the easiest and most exciting product you will sell!

Delivered to your retail location!
Profit Superhighway

Benefits of Selling Dippin' Dots

  • The most pure form of ice cream on the market
  • The most recognizable ice cream brand by young people
  • Low price sensitivity
  • High Profit Per Transaction
  • Pre-packages Pouches mean perfect portioning
  • Virtually zero waste
  • Serves instantly
  • Long shelf life (2 years), never freezer burns, never shrinks
  • Locally warehoused and distributed out of Grand Rapids, MI
  • Food service license not required to serve pre-packs
  • Sell the excitement of Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream!
Profit Superhighway

The BIG brand in ice cream

When customers see Dippin’ Dots, the instantly understand the experience and recognize the brand.  Dippin’ Dots are the most fun ice cream available!

Engaged Fans

4.3 million followers across social media and 390,000 email subscribers.

Name Recognition

Fans ask for Dippin’ Dots by name and refer to competitors as “fake Dippin’ Dots”!


Dippin’ Dots® are made from the finest and freshest ingredients.

Butter Fat Margins

Margins remain fat, coming in at 75-85% on a 5oz Serving.

Butter Fat Misconception

We are pleased to offer a smooth, great-tasting ice cream with less fat than the competition.


The best variety of the most unique flavors

Branded Equipment

Superior Freezers. Designed for Dippin’ Dots®, Assembled at Dippin’ Dots®.

Marketing Support

Exceptional Marketing Support from our in-house graphic artists.

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